gold dredges worked the Buller River

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gold dredges worked the Buller River.


this photo 1907 - 1912

Gold dredges worked the Buller River. 

The dredging areas on the Buller River were Three Channel Flat, near Berlins, and near Inangahua Junction.  The first dredge used on the Buller was originally operated by Whitecliffs Dredging Company and worked at the Old Diggings (Berlins) in 1891.  About 1900 another 4 dredges, the Mokoia Dredge, the Junction Dredge, the Premier Dredge, and the Welcome Dredge all worked the Buller.  1901 the Elderado and Fedderson Dredging Companies built dredges of kauri, to work the Buller River.  All dredging on the Buller finished about 1907 - 1912.

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