the beach route between Westport and Charleston

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the beach route between Westport and Charleston.


the beach route between Westport and Charleston, based upon maps of Geological Survey Dept. - the beach line for drays and coaches between South Spit, Westport and Charleston.  In 1867 the Provincial Engineer, John BLACKETT, described this route (the only overland access) as follows - seven miles of beach from South Spit - Packers Point to Cape Foulwind, then about three miles over the Cape Foulwind area cut through the bush (this dray and coach road was land with bush fascines (corduroy) and covered with sand, about fourteen feet wide), then another short beach (which was Tauranga Bay), then another short cutting through a narrow neck of scrub (which was Rocky Peninsular), followed by a nine mile beach of hard sand, and terminating with a piece of road through bush, with side and other cuttings to a bridge over the Nile River, then another cutting up the hill beyond, into the town of Charleston

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