CARMODYs gold rig at Addisons Flat

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CARMODYs gold rig at Addisons Flat.


CARMODYs gold rig at Addisons Flat in the 1860s.  On May 18th 1867 gold was discovered here by a negro named ADDISON and his party, hence the name of the locality - Addisons, at one stage there were 7000 people living here, mostly miners, the strike was a rich one, but whereas the gold diggers at nearby Charleston were not able to obtain water for sluicing the ground of their claims, the position was reversed at Addisons, eight miles south of Westport, most of the claims were flooded by too much water and the diggers here had to construct thousands of yards of ditches and drains to get rid of excess water - average yield of gold per man per week at that time was £5 or £6

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