European Hotel, Charleston 1869

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European Hotel, Charleston 1869.


European Hotel, Charleston 1869 owned at that period by Charles WEITZEL.

If you wanted to own a hotel in the 1800s of the gold mining days - The law of those days said that you had to have a large oil or kerosene light outside the front door of the hotel - also that the light had to be burning all night from when the sun went down until sunrise of the next morning.  This law was very strict and the police in those days would not let you have the hotel operating unless the owner kept a good light going. 

The main reason for this law was that the early gold-miners usually carried the gold they obtained from the days work at the claim in a small canvas bag in their pockets - and after drinking at one of these hotels he might be slightly drunk when he left to go home to his hut.  And there were many robbers about who would be only too pleased to take his gold away from him if the chance was there.  Consequently the police on duty to protect him and his gold wanted to be able to see what might be going on when the miner decided to leave - and that was the main reason for the light.

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