Floating basin, Westport

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Floating basin, Westport.


Floating basin, Westport, from 1891.  At the northern end of the town a piece of land was preserved for a floating basin, there was a bridge and railway line spanning this piece of land, which had been used to carry stone to the breakwater, this was dismantled and the railway line was deviated around the lagoon, by 1908 this land was dry at low tide, so it was proposed to dredge it to 26 feet to accommodate at least six ships of 5000 tons gross, but problems began to crop up and the scheme was costing too much and so was abandoned in 1914 after a Royal Commision investigated the harbours financial affairs, and so therefore, the lost lagoon which was excavated behind the floating basin to shelter ships in stormy weather and river floods was abandoned  (extract from A History of the Buller District, by Carolyn HAWES)

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