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Driving south from Westport, through Charleston, you will see a statue on your left which was erected back in 1955.  In this conversation with Christine Sanderson on 21st September 2012, Marie
A delightful description of how Marie Toner met her future husband (Bill Craddock of Westport) over a whitebait supper in Christchurch. As told to Christine Sanderson on 21st September 2012
Whitebait at thruppence a pint? Digging Whitebait into the garden? Join Noel Stack and Des Smith as they reminisce about this West Coast past-time with Christine Sanderson in 2002.
Des Smith attended St Joseph's Catholic School in Granity where he lived for over ninety years, forty seven of those years, working in the Millerton Mine.  Although Des Smith is
Noel used to walk from Hector up to Stockton three or four times a week to take his beloved Helen to the pictures.......ah, thats true love !   And those dances!