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  I have just discovered another Transit of Venus report in a newspaper on the paperspast website : Inangahua Times, Volume VII, Issue 1211, 22 December 1882, Page 2 MISCELLANEOUS.
I've now discoverd that the Thames Advertiser is available on PapersPast (though not indicated on the site's regional map) so I've been able to look at the original article (mis)reprinted
This photo shows the 11-inch reflecting telescope belonging to Henry Augustus Severn [1833-1883] (son of the painter Jospeh Severn, one of Keats' friends) at Grahamstown, Thames.  The telescope is present
Hi Michaela On a recent trip to Westport I met someone who informed me that the Porto Bello restaurant at 62 Palmerston Street was formerly the Royal Hotel. On my
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