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Earthquake Avalanche Swept Away Home, Restoring Buller Gorge Lines.
Earthquake Avalanche Swept Away Home - Picture shows the slip that swept away and crushed the home of Mr and Mrs J. F. JACKSON, where Mrs JACKSON was killed and her
Lower Buller Gorge, First Person Through.
A track was pushed through to Stitt's Bluff, a few miles past Hawks Crag.  There is a large slump in the road and rail link on the other side of
Upper Buller Gorge, limestone country will be unstable for many months.
Ministry of Works engineers, including resident engineer of the M.O.W. Mr J. S. DOUGLAS, began a survey of the Upper Buller Gorge. Miles and miles of highway is either covered
Highway almost obliterated near Eight Mile creek, Road between Lyell and Newton Flat extensively damaged.
The highway is almost completely obliterated near Eight Mile creek. The road between Lyell and Newton Flat is extensively damaged and in places it appears to have disappeared altogether.
Blackwater bridge, Te Aro House in Westport.
The approach to the Blackwater bridge from the Inangahua end has risen six inches. Te Aro House, a landmark in Westport, will disappear.  Millers are to build new premises on