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Fallen pole blocks road outside hotel at Inangahua.
Fallen pole blocks roadway outside the hotel at Inangahua.
A massive slip covering part of the Buller Gorge highway.
A massive slip covers part of the Buller Gorge highway.
Everything Is So Dark - Mother, Refugees At Reefton, Buller Rail Routes A Mass Of Slips.
Everything Is So Dark - Mrs P. VAN VUGT and her family, from Iron Bridge. Refugees At Reefton. Buller Rail Routes A Mass Of Slips.
Gorge road, Manchester Unity Hall & Post Office Reefton, P.M. Holyoake promised help.
Buller Gorge road tasks a huge engineering job. Manchester Unity Hall is being converted into a Post Office. Reefton Post Office and telephone exchange to be demolished. Westport power pylons
Greymouth, Runanga, Takaka, power supply.
Mr A GLEN, of the Shannon Glen Bakery in Greymouth, bakery roof collapsed.  No panic in West Coast mines during earthquake.  Dismantling a chimney at Cobden.  Westland Electric Power Board