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railway closed, chimneys, magnitude not known, earthquake lake in Buller River, helicopters, Buller Civil Defence.
The railway from Reefton to Westport closed indefinitely.  Brick chimneys showed structural defects.  The 10-mile-long earthquake lake formed in the Buller River.  Iroquois helicopters were found useful.  Buller Civil Defence
Inangahua Hotel, chlorination of Westport water, chimney code, Auckland house offered.
Inangahua Hotel menaced by huge landslip.  Scene of devastation inside the Murchison District High School's laboratory.  Westport water supply to have chlorination.  Proposed revision to chimney code.  Auckland house offered
Engineers seek Westport's help, liquefaction, Japan, Alaska, Los Angeles, China.
Engineers seek Westport's help.  Eye witness accounts, and photographs of the effects of liquefaction sought.  Liquefaction in Japan, Alaska, Los Angeles, China. 
Patterson Park racecourse at Westport, Earthquake poem by Morris MARSHALL.
Damage to new concrete block fence at Patterson Park racecourse, Westport, and sand " boil up " through the track. 'Earthquake', poem by Morris MARSHALL.
Dunsford Ward Victim of Quake.
Dunsford Ward of the old Buller Hospital building was demolished by Avery Bros.