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Errol Graham Mason 1940 - 1987.
Westport News (Obituary 8/5/87). Born and educated in Westport (no dates given), he received QSM in 1984 for services to music- Westport municipal band.  His full name was Errol Gilmore
Newman Bros stage-coach.
one of Newman Bros stage-coaches travelling down the Buller Gorge from Nelson to Westport
North Beach area at the end of Derby St, Westport.
early print of the North Beach area at the end of Derby St, Westport, note the high swings to the left and the very few baches, only a very few
the original Buller Bridge, Westport.
the original Buller Bridge, Westport, which catered for both road transport and rail transport, note the railway lines
Courtney's Accommodation House, Inangahua Junction.
COURTNEYs Accommodation House, Inangahua Junction, J McKAY, Proprietor, one of the district's earliest accommodation houses complete with a stagecoach outside preparing to leave