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From Kings Gate  1987.
Dukle of Edinburgh Hotel is in middle of photo and is on Albert St/Guiness St corner.  The Medical Centre is the white building opposite the hotel front.  Shops under the
Buller County Council – 1905.
Back: W. Gothard, V.M. Dellavrdova, M. McCarthy, A.C. Cottrell.Middle: T. Thompson, R.F. Mullan, M. Joyce, S. Strachan, M. T. Fennell.Front: Job Lines, T Corby, G Griffiths, D.T. Glover, M. McPadden,
May 1988 Flood Mackay Street 5.
Mackay Street after the big flood May 1988. Photo by John Charlton 20th May 1988 From the Grey District Library John Charlton Collection