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Mr Patrick Smith clearing mess in his shop.
Mr Patrick Smith clearing the mess in his grocer's shop.
a landslip in the Inangahua area after earthquake.
photo from the air showing a landslip caused by the earthquake
the Jackson house swept away by avalanche of rock and rubble.
The house where Mrs F. R. JACKSON was killed was swept away by an avalanche of rock and rubble.
John HAMILTON photographs helicopter wreckage.
John HAMILTON photographs the helicopter wreckage he was to have flown in.  The pilot and two Post Office linemen were killed in the crash.
Restoration After Earthquake, Burley's Hill, Oweka Bluff, Inangahua.
Ministry of Works staff are restoring the lower Buller Gorge road and railway.  Boulders and rubble being cleared from Burley's Hill. A major slide at Oweka Bluff, Inangahua.