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Quake's Menacing Slips.
A landslide blocked the Buller River, backing up a lake which threatened Inangahua. A slip on the hillside above Inangahua.
Terrific Ordeal for West Coasters.
Mr and Mrs D. FENWICK and family arrive in Reefton. The garage collapsed but the farmhouse withstood the earthquake. Mr F. J. JACKSON, whose wife was killed, and their house
Earthquake Aftermath.
Power poles askew in Derby Street, Westport.   Brian POULTON had a lucky escape when ceiling plaster fell on his bed.  A partly fractured rafter prevented the fallen chimney from crashing
Oddest Quake Picture, Micro Zoning for Quakes, part one.
Oddest quake picture - a piece of timber fell to support falling chimney at Inangahua.   Micro Zoning for Quakes - the detailed studying and mapping of the types of soil
Micro Zoning for Quakes, part 2, The Unlucky And The Lucky.
Micro Zoning for Quakes, part two - aftershocks, scientific knowledge. The Unlucky And The Lucky - John HAMILTON looks over the wreckage of the Bell G2 helicopter which struck a