The Earthquake in Picture and Story - Page 1

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The Earthquake in Picture and Story - Page 1.


The front page of a supplement to the Nelson Evening Mail, published on May 29th, 1968, on the 1968 Inangahua Earthquake.

Printed and published by R. Lucas and Son (Nelson Mail) Limited, at the Registered Office of the Company, 15 Bridge Street, Nelson, New Zealand.

The front page picture, taken by "Mail" photographer Geoffrey C. Wood, symbolises the shattering experience which befell Inangahua in the earthquake shortly before dawn on Friday, May 24.  The limestone bluff collapsed and started a massive landslide which crushed to matchwood the home in its path.  Note the car towards the bottom left.  Overhead is the jet helicopter which brought the first link with the outside world to a stunned and beleaguered population.

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