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How to link items and topics together in Kete, to create webs of related material.

 All linking is done from a Topic; and any Topic or any Item type can be linked.

Link a Topic or Item to a related existing topic

Once you have written and saved a Topic you can link it to existing Topics and Items.
Topics, images, documents, audio and video can be linked to topics using this process.

At the end of each Topic page there is a Related Items box. Under the Topics heading you will see Link to existing topic

Step 1 - Click on Link to existing topic (or the item type you would like to add).
A pop up window will appear with a search box.

Step 2 - Do a keyword search and a list of results that matches your search will appear.

Step 3 - Select the topics or items to link by clicking on the white box to the left.

Step 4 - Click on the Submit query button

When the topic or items are linked a window with a list of topics or items will appear with the message Linked Successfully.

When you have finished choose Close window.

If you are unsure whether a Topic is related or not you can go to the Topic detail page by clicking on the Topics title, and the Topic will open in a separate window. Close the window when you are finished by clicking the red cross in the top right corner.

Link items or topics using Create link

If you want to create a new topic or item related to an existing topic use the Create link in the Related Items box.

This link will take you to the relevant template. Fill out the simple template (Title, Short Summary and Description), add Tags and fill out any additional fields (these help collect information to display in a sidebar).
Remember to save your work - click on the Create button.

Creating weblinks in a Description field

Use the Text Editor to create links in the description field
Use the chain icon in the Text editor (the formatting bar at the top of the Description field).

  • Copy the url that you will use (either from within Kete or from another site).
  • Select the text that will be the linking text or select an image in the Description field.
  • Click the chain icon from the top row of the toolbar immediately above the description field.
  • In the pop up window enter the url into the Link URL field and save by clicking Insert.

View How to use an url to make a link in the description field [PDF 146 Kb]


Tags link across items and topics. The links are created automatically.

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See the help topic and documents on adding items and topics for help on adding topics and items.

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