Wagons Wharf 1 1987

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Wagons Wharf 1 1987.


6 - 7 Waggons were shunted over the end of the wharf.

NEWS PAPER ARTICLE . Believed to be from the Greymouth Evening Star.


Another railways coal wagon has been receovered from the Blaketown lagoon.  More than a month ago, during shunting a rake of trucks smashed a Stampson post, and plunged off the corner of the Greymouth wharf shunting yard into the lagoon.  Divers subsequently located three wagons on the lagoon bed and these were recovered.  However, a Greymouth Harbour Board spokesman said yesterday that fishermen had complained that their boats were touching an object on their way out of the lagoon's Fishermen's Wharf.  As a result, a search was made and a launch with a grapple attached to it found a fourth submerged wagon on Friday.  The Railways Corporation arranged for it to be lifted out on Saturday.

Photo by John Charlton 16th June 1987 at 12.35pm

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