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The opening of the Harihari Post office took place on 18 September 1908, a centenary of this even was held in Harihari in 2008 and in the lead up much excitement was generated about the name given to the Post Office and also to the community

On 24 July 1908 the settlers asked for a post office to be opened at Hawthorne A Adamson's store, Inter-Wanganui. This was approved by Wellington and the Harihari post office opened 18 September 1908 with Mary Adamson as postmistress.

This indicates that sometime between July and September 1908 someone decided that the office name should be Harihari. At this time, and up to around 1915, it was the policy of the P& T Department for all new post offices to be given a Maori name, hence Inter-Wanganui not being acceptable on that account and other existing post offices bearing Wanganui as a whole or part name.

Harihari could have been chosen by the then Chief Postmaster at Hokitika - if so there could be mention of this in the Hokitika newspapers of the day - I believe the museum has a good run of papers and it may be worth while checking the pages out from July to September.

On the other hand the name Harihari could have been allocated by Wellington - they held a list of name which could be used.  It is just possible that the correspondence about this may survive in one of the two files of historical details on the Harihari post office now held in Archives New Zealand in Wellington. 

 The two references given
Agency: Post Office
Accession  W2698
File 76/1861 HO sub-office file 1908-1970
Agency Post Office AAMF
Accession W3327
File 6101/144g 30/677 Historical file

Over time this topic will be updated to include all the information found in the subsequent searches for the actual person/s who accorded the Name

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