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The history and events from the past to the present can be recorded here.

In this area you can add any items, stories, information or images you have on or about the Brunner Mine. This will ensure the history is available for our future generations to access. If you are not sure on how to upload information, please feel free to contact the students at Paparoa Range School and they will assist you in doing this. or Herald Street Dobson

We have been working at the site getting it tidied up. With all the new parking area and signs being put up around the site we have been very busy with planting and transplanting to improve the site. We are nearly finsihed at area around the statue now, just a bit more to go.

It was disppointing today seeing all the glass bottle around the site, the class wnet around and had a big cleanup, so it is looking much tidier now.





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Brunner Mine

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