Turiwhate Ecological Island Sanctuary

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I am proposing a managed mountain wildlife sanctuary (The Turiwhate Ecological Island Sanctuary). A subcommittee of the Westland Nature Trust I believe should be looking into my proposal.

the aim

••       to provide opportunities for west coast communities to be actively involved in conservation; provide ecotourism opportunities; and educate people about the value of rain forest ecosystems.

••       our short aim over the next 5 years is to expand public support for the project and raise funds to creating a public facility providing an accessible location for people to see, hear and learn about the flora and fauna native to westland.

••       to eradicate mount turiwhate of introduced pests and predators, and to prevent the re-invasion of predators to maintain an island refuge.

the vision

••       to establish, and fund a world class eco-sanctuary on mount turiwhate for rare and endangered native species of flora and fauna that will be jointly developed by private philanthropists, corporate and government participants.

••       to build and maintain a 32km totally pest-proof fence around the forest on mount turiwhate

••       to eliminate all warm-blooded (mammalian) animal pests within the fence.

••       to re-introduce threatened species that have been lost from mount turiwhate including kiwi, kaka, kokako and kakapo.

••       to build visitor access gates and tracks and create a wildlife haven where visitors are welcome.

••       to encourage visitors to come and enjoy the vibrant wildlife, and to experience a pest-free new zealand forest.

••       to establish an educational facility for school groups, visitors and researchers to learn about our unique flora and fauna.

••       to establish a successful, self-sustaining ecosystem enterprise that ensures the longevity of the project.


••       3800 ha : of alpine top (1368m) to podocarps low land forest (100m)

                organisations involved

••       the department of conservation.


there are plans to build a cycle track along the southern boundary of the sanctuary giving access from the william stuart bridge over the taramakau river to the milltown bridge over the arahura river and following the alpine fault line south to ross


been working on the proposal,  check out my update at http://www.wordpress.com or http://www.slideshare.net

turiwhate ecological island sanctuary.




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